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Enjoy Endless Benefits from a Customized Yoga Practice

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

So, why Private Yoga?

When I work one-on-one with clients, I am continuously humbled, touched, and incredibly pleased by the results, quick progress, and connection that are gained even within the first few sessions. The key is the customization that private yoga allows for. As I sense someone’s energy, see their body moving, and incorporate their reason for coming to yoga, a unique expression unfolds. The personalized practice is healing and brings clients’ back to a state of balance and harmony.

I’ve compiled a list of what students tell me are the best parts of individual yoga sessions.

As you read, what aspects jump out at you? What parts sounds like they would just be heavenly?

Things that resonate with us are a call from the inside – from the body, mind, and soul. What can we pay attention to today that allows us to take better care, to realign, to come back to vibrant wellness and energized happiness?


The Customization:

  • Learn the foundations correctly

  • Progress towards goals quicker than expected

  • Poses are broken down step by step so they are accessible

  • Practice meets practitioner’s energy level

  • Poses are designed to target areas of the body that need attention and/or healing

  • Sequence addresses pain or imbalances in the body

  • Practice meets practitioner’s fitness level

  • Hands-on adjustments and assists

  • Set goals and work collaboratively; progress is an assisted journey

  • Incorporate meditation or other related practices as requested

  • Scheduled at a time that is convenient for your schedule

  • Design a plan for home practice

  • Hands-on therapeutic body work

The Experience:

  • Learn without distractions of a group class

  • Avoid overwhelm of being in a tight space over-packed with mats and students

  • Enjoy the intimacy of one-on-one attention

  • Cozy comfortable welcoming studio space

  • Conversational nature for immediate feedback as well as communicating likes and dislikes

  • Safe space to let out emotions and/or whatever comes up

  • Comfort in sharing your story and health history

  • Practice in your own home

  • No travel time

  • Feel heard, seen, and taken care of

The Physical Aspects:

  • Strength your whole body

  • Improve endurance and stamina

  • Gain better balance

  • Become more flexible and mobile

  • Improves the immune system

  • Enhance digestion

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Reduces pain

  • Corrects postural issues

  • Healing from injury

  • Avoiding surgery

  • Improve circulation

  • Anti-aging

The Mental Aspects:

  • Heightened mental and intuitive awareness

  • Improved Sleep

  • Promote feeling peaceful and calm

  • Improve concentration and focus

  • Develop senses for more enjoyment of life

  • Boost mood

  • Build confidence

  • Better self-esteem and body image

  • Reduce anxiety and stress

  • Live in the present moment

  • And many many many more….

And last but not least, we learn CONSCIOUS BREATHING.

Breathing supports every single function in our body, as well as our mind, the way we handle situations, and approach community and societal issues. It’s the most important practice you can cultivate. We often think we are not in control of our breath, but in fact we are. And the more we practice, the more we develop awareness, gain control, and experience immense support. Yoga poses are just weird shapes and exercise, but with breath, yoga is yoga. Yoga is the union of movement and breath, and learning the practice on the mat allows us to then apply it in every situation in life.

Feel the POWER, RICHNESS, and MAGIC yoga has to offer?

Yes, yes, and yes!

Jump onto a mat at home. Schedule a session. Go to class. Or just practice conscious breathing.

Wishing you lots of peace, healing, and happiness. <3

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