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Mystical Playground

A sanctuary for women
to learn, connect, and explore their

intuitive gifts, 
spiritual connection,  
and soul evolution.

Do You Long For ?


~ Being open and honest about your spiritual beliefs in like-minded company

~ Connecting more deeply with your soul self so you can hear your intuition loudly and clearly

~ A space to learn about mystical topics and the mind-body-soul connection

~ A sense of belonging and deep care from those around you while you share from your heart

~ Pulling out of your ruts and stuckness so you can create a life by your design, feel free, and thrive

~ A place where your sensitivity is welcome and you can NEVER be too much

~ Knowing what your place and purpose is in the world

You Are NOT Alone


Are you ready to free, expand, and love your

body, mind, & soul in tender connection with others?

Mystical Playground is a Sanctuary to:


  • Connect with other spiritual women who are dedicated to conscious awareness and personal growth

  • Share about what's going on in your life in a safe judgement-free space and experience compassionate empathetic listening, witnessing, and other perspectives/feedback if wanted

  • Create an incredible diverse spiritual bond with the other souls and feel a deep sense of belonging and appreciation for your authentic self

  • Develop intuitive gifts, self-expression, and personal power

  • Engage in authentic relating to build emotional and psychic intelligence


  • Enhance your relationship with your body through  embodiment, breathwork, and feminine practices

  • Learn to contribute to an energetic healing field and raise personal and group vibration

  • Feel more joy, presence, and celebration in your life. 


We all deserve this and it's time to claim it for yourself now!


"This group has allowed me to make strong connections and have intimate conversations with like-minded people about the most fascinating of topics. I feel so much love and community in the mystical playground and feel that the group itself (plus numerous resources for personal and spiritual growth and development) are invaluable and provide a safe space for expanding my consciousness. I absolutely love everything about the mystical playground!"


~ Gabby VH

Monthly Membership Includes


~ 2 Hour Workshop on the monthly topic

   on the 2nd Saturday of every month from 5:00 - 7:00pm EST


~ 75 minute discussion and group practice session

   on the 4th Saturday of every month from 5:30 - 6:45pm EST


~ An intimate Facebook group where I share resources, teachings, ideas, and inspiration


~ Email and text support from me around any challenges or questions you may have


~ Group Coaching Sessions in small groups of 2-4 women where you receive one-on-on attention (for additional cost)

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Playground Topics Include:


  • Enhancing Intuition 

  • Body Talks: Understanding the Body's Language, Psychosomatics, and Intuitive Living

  • Managing Empathic Gifts and Relationship to Self  

  • Dream Interpretation and Lucid Dreaming Techniques

  • Chakra System Applications for Daily Life

  • De-Bloat Your Life to Free Your Soul (release all your "overing")

  • The Power of Intention for Healing, Manifesting, and Thriving

  • Developing Psychic Senses and Accessing Spiritual Wisdom

  • Feminine Essence: Creativity, Pleasure, Desire, and Flow

  • Mediumship, Channeling, and Spirit Connection

  • Treating Anxiety Holistically

  • Past Life, Reincarnation, Life after Death and the In-Between

  • Duality: Light and Dark, Yin and Yang, Good and Evil, and Exploring our Shadow

  • Living in the Unknown 

  • All Things Wellness: Body, Mind, and Soul

  • Forgiveness and Lightening Your Load


All this mystical goodness for only $29-$49 sliding scale per month.


Your soul awaits you.  It calls you to get curious.

It wants you to lean into its whispers of desire...

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