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Yhandi's Inner Child / Inner Light Healing Process
Integration of Inner Child and Wise Adult

Bringing love, safety, and wholeness back within

Yhandi’s Inner Light Therapy is a profound and nurturing personal growth and healing experience.  It takes place over 4 days and is a lovely process to spend in personal retreat.  It reveals the subconscious core wounds we have from our experiences growing up as well as how we learned to be an adult.  So often as children, we feel unimportant, unloved, scared, helpless, guilt-ridden, confused, powerless, angry, and/or trapped.  And these pain points continue to play out in adult relationships, work dynamics, friendships, and in our created families.  We become reactive, even though a wiser part of us knows it's not helpful, because we are trying to get our needs met and feel loved and accepted.

In our attempts to feel loved and/or safe, we compromise ourselves in various ways, such as staying in unhealthy relationships or a job that doesn't feel right, and we hold ourselves back from being the expansive and authentic version of ourselves that we are here to be.  Furthermore, when we don't allow ourselves to feel the true raw emotion that comes up in moments of pain or stress, that wound gets stored in the body.  That can cause tension, stress and hypervigilance, and dis-ease / illness in the body.


My session with Alison was truly transformative. Once I chose the issue I wanted to heal, Alison guided me in a gentle and intuitive way to investigate the roots of what was keeping me blocked and helped me understand my soul contract on a physical, spiritual, and emotional level. This resulted in an energy shift around the issue which has had a profound impact on my thinking about this issue as well as my understanding of other aspects of my life. Working with Alison was both life-changing and pleasurable."  

- Susan B, Teacher


Yhandi is the process of understanding the coping mechanisms and lens through which our inner child (the emotional body) and our adult self (the mental body) perceive and live in the world.  These two energies - our thoughts and our feelings - are frequently at odds with each other.  We often have unmet needs and desires that trigger our emotional body.  And our mental body is bombarded with limiting, self-critical, and self-sabotaging beliefs.

Once we bring greater awareness to the subconscious patterns playing out between our emotions and thoughts, we are able to heal and reunite these two energies and step into an experience of inner union and wholeness.

Yhandi’s Inner Light Therapy process brings awareness to the unconscious reactive patterns we create and maintain in our life when we experience pain and brings profound healing to the thoughts and feelings that surround them. This healing brings hope, empowerment, and freedom and reconnects us with our inner light and the truth of who we are.  When our thoughts and emotions heal and evolve in harmony, we can live feeling positive, grounded, and joyful.


This is a wonderful 4 day therapeutic process for those who:


  • feel ruled by emotional intensity

  • feel out of touch with their feelings

  • have limiting beliefs that keep them stuck or are aware of repeated unhealthy patterns in their life

  • feel very reactive and impulsive

  • remain stuck in negative life circumstances

  • experienced trauma and/or abuse

  • have on-going illness or chronic health challenges

  • self-sabotage

  • have a large amount of conflict with others or within oneself

  • come from dysfunctional families

  • feel co-dependent or too concerned with how others view them

  • have anxiety and/or control issues

  • feel stressed a lot of the time (and sometimes the stress is normalized, but you know it wears on your body, mind, and soul)

The 4 Day Process

The first two sessions of this process deal with the emotional body. The energy of the emotional body is where we hold the feelings about ourselves and the world we live in and is stored in the abdomen - the sacral chakra.

As children, we enter the world with love, openness, innocence, and a precious belief in ourselves.  We dream big and feel the aliveness of passion and creativity within us.  We trust our feelings and our intuitive knowing and let our emotions be fully expressed.  But as we grow up in the conditioning of our family systems, school, and society, we often lose this beautiful sense of self and are taught not to express or trust our feelings.

Often we also learn that to feel is to experience pain, so the ability to trust in our emotions gets confused.  When this inner compass or barometer gets warped, it gets numb or shuts down over time.  We separate from our feelings and learn not to trust in our intuition and creative passion, which dampens our ability to feel joy and therefore our ability to create beautiful things and happy experiences in our life.

The third session of this process deals with the mental body.  The energy of the mental body is where we hold the thoughts and judgements about ourselves as well as our power and self-confidence and is stored in the core - the solar plexus chakra.  Negative faulty beliefs in this center can create patterns of unworthiness, failure, and hopelessness.

The fourth session integrates the two healed versions of the child (emotional body) and adult (mental body) so they can be whole and work together.

Outline and Investment

Session 1 - Inner Child Pattern Exploration, Healing/Rescue, Drawings, Analysis - 7 hours

Session 2 - Inner Child Rebalance and Reconnecting with Joy, Wholeness, and Love - 3 hours

Session 3 - Adult Pattern Exploration, Healing, Drawings, Analysis - 5 hours


Session 4 - Child Maturation and Integration of Adult and Child - 3 hours


These 4 sessions total on average 18 hours and need to happen on back to back days or within

1 week and are an investment of $1950.

In Person or Online via Zoom

***Trained in Yhandi's Inner Light™ Healing Therapy at The Patricia Hayes School of Healing and Metaphysics at Delphi University.

Yhandi's Inner Light™ was developed by Patricia Hayes, Founder and Director of Delphi University

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