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Payment Page for Sessions with Alison Kate

Holistic Transformational Healing Session 

2-2.5 hour in-depth healing session to clear emotional pain, rewire triggers and stressful thought patterns, and release trauma

Holistic Therapy Session 

60 minute holistic therapy session to understand personal subconscious patterns, release false conditioning, and calm the nervous system and somatic experience, and realign to our unique inner wisdom and love

Energy Healing Session

75 minute comprehensive healing, invoking the higher energies of love, light, and healing to channel healing energy to the physical, emotional, mental, etheric, and spiritual body

RoHun Cards Session

1.5 hour session to identify the parts within you that are in pain, understand the origin of that pain, and heal the thoughts and emotions that keep those painful patterns in place

Authentic Relating Couple's Healing Session

1.5 - 2 hour in-depth conversation and teaching about healthy communication strategies and authentic relating practice

Biomagnetic Healing Therapy Session 

1.5-2 hour treatment that restores the body's optimal biochemistry where pathogens cannot survive and where the immune system functions optimally and the body can heal itself

Womb Healing Session 

2.5 - 3 hour in-depth womb healing and exploration including healing the original womb trauma, ancestral trauma clearing, and disconnecting from the subconscious contracts we made with our mothers in the womb

Past Life Regression 

2.5 - 3 hour in-depth personal exploration, healing, and soul connection session to work through blocks and behavior patterns and get to know ourselves so much better

* Please select Manual Payment to pay via Venmo or Zelle if you'd like to avoid credit card processing fees

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