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Metaphysical Anatomy Emotional Healing Technique (MAT)

Gentle energy healing to uncover subconscious stress and
release emotions that cause physical and mental disharmony in the body

Metaphysical Anatomy Technique is a therapeutic process designed to get to the root cause of any issue. In MAT, we believe that the root cause is always emotionally-based and psychosomatic and we allow the body to communicate the problem. This technique is unique and different from other trauma therapies because instead of re-living a painful memory, we focus on healing stuck emotions in the body at the time of trauma in order to heal.

Despite how it can feel sometimes, our bodies are never trying to sabotage us; they are always trying to communicate something important. With Metaphysical Anatomy, we understand how to interpret the language of the body - both physically and emotionally.


Emotions are simply energy in motion that link our bodies and minds and when this energy does not flow or get expressed, the energy will stagnate or get blocked.

Society teaches us to control our emotions, instead of expressing them freely. And when we suppress or disassociate from these feelings, the emotions don’t just go away. They live stuck in our cells, creating energetic blockages.  When our emotional system stops flowing, this often results in imbalances and dis-ease.


Connect to the Wisdom











of the Body

"Alison was professional, compassionate, and very understanding. I felt at ease right away. The session changed the way I was thinking about my problem; I noticed a shift in myself, both emotionally and physically. At the end of our work, I felt lighter and more optimistic about things and have continued to feel that way afterwards. I highly recommend Alison! Her wisdom, calmness, and healing energy are nothing that I've experienced before and I feel tremendously grateful."  


- Laura T, Lawyer & Social Justice Advocate

MAT is Transformational for Resolving and Releasing         


  • Physical pain, ailment or condition

  • Stress

  • Depression / anxiety

  • Emotional distress (such as anger, sadness, and overwhelm)

  • Fear (of change, letting go, success, etc)

  • Relationship problems

  • Financial stress

  • Self-doubt

  • Self-Sabotage

  • Stuckness

  • Addiction

  • Self-Sabotage

  • Allergies

  • Fatigue

  • Negative thoughts or beliefs

  • Energy healing

  • Ancestral patterns

  • Traumas from the womb

  • Birth traumas

  • Disconnecting from energetic ties to others

Common Questions

What is a MAT Session Like?

We will begin by identifying the emotions that you experienced at the time of trauma. NOTE: that does not require re-living a traumatic memory.  Then we locate where these emotions are stuck within the body. We heal the emotions with white light, visualization and breathwork techniques. During the session, a cognitive shift is taking place on a neurological and cellular level that allows the trauma that was stuck inside our bodies to be released. You are empowered by taking an active role in your healing and by the end, you feel whole, peaceful, and at ease.


How Long Does a Session Last?

Sessions are 1-2 hours, as we need to allow for time flexibility in processing and completing the core issue that comes up during the session.

What is Trauma?
Trauma is the moment when something disrupts our nervous system and we feel unsafe. Trauma can be physical, emotional or environmental. The moment of trauma can be small or large and still have a significant impact.  Anything after the occurrence is considered a symptom.
Often when trauma occurs we suppress or disassociate in order to "stay alive" in that moment. When we suppress or disassociate, the trauma stays inside the body, imprinting on our cells. It stays there until it's safe to process and complete the cycle. Animals naturally do this, like when an animal "shakes it off" to reset. However, humans have been conditioned out of naturally knowing how to release trauma. Most of us live in a continuous state of stress, which means we are constantly in a state of fight or flight.
The fastest way to heal is completing a trauma cycle.  When we identify and process through the emotions related to the root cause of the problem in Metaphysical Anatomy, the issue can resolve.

***Trained and certified in Metaphysical Anatomy Technique with Expert and Founder Evette Rose and various other teachers

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