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Soul Healing
The Highest Truth

Using the Quantum Field to create infinite new possibilities and pathways for your life.

The Highest Truth is a highly effective technique for rebalancing karma and resolving karmic conflicts and contracts on the soul level.  This meditative self-inquiry technique improves all aspects of life, including the material, physical, mental, and emotional.

In this practice, I smoothly guide you to connect with your intuitive capacity and to understand the larger karmic lessons from all perspectives.

Sometimes clients feel that there is an invisible barrier or block that prevents them from healing deep wounds and traumas fully, and The Highest Truth helps them surmount these barriers and obstacles and come out on the other side feeling whole, peaceful, and wiser.

In this system, we believe that karma is not absolute.  We have the free will and power to change our circumstances through transformative soul shifts.


My session with Alison was truly transformative. Once I chose the issue I wanted to heal, Alison guided me in a gentle and intuitive way to investigate the roots of what was keeping me blocked and helped me understand my soul contract on a physical, spiritual, and emotional level. This resulted in an energy shift around the issue which has had a profound impact on my thinking about this issue as well as my understanding of other aspects of my life. Working with Alison was both life-changing and pleasurable."  

- Susan B, Teacher

Key Elements of This Technique Are

1) Understanding responsibility and creatorship

2) Surrendering

3) Inviting in a Higher Truth to assist you in healing


4) Resolving separation


5) Connecting to Oneness and Allowing Yourself to Receive

This technique changes the karmic field and, consequently, changes the set of possibilities and options generated by the karmic field.  This is equivalent to the idea of moving between timelines.

These shifts in the quantum field begin to create infinite new possibilities and directions for you to enjoy.


Other Information

- This technique is often combined with other modalities to powerfully process and resolve suffering.

- We begin by identifying what you want to change, setting a clear intention, and connecting to soul consciousness.

- Sessions are generally 1-2 hours depending on the complexity of the issue.

- This work is deep and can be intense, but is completely worth it!

***Trained in The Highest Law Technique with Founder, David Weidemann and Co-founders Diana Chero and Eva Zetkova

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