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Gratitude In A Year of Transition

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Today is my one-year anniversary of moving to NYC. Its been a crazy year of intense transitions, the ups and downs of starting over in a new place, some sad darker moments, and periods of pure beauty, magic, self-knowing, openness, blossoming, and trusting in myself and the universe on a new level. In reflection of celebrating one year in Manhattan, I am grateful for:

- Courage to take a leap of faith, quit my job in MA, leave a full life there, and move from a town to one of the biggest, most exciting cities - A beautiful perfect home where I have the best roommate I could have imagined, lots of freedom and space, a place where my kitty can live with me, and a safe and cozy situation - Having made awesome new friends in NYC, and as I make new connections regularly here, knowing that many more beautiful people will come into my life - Spending quality time with heart-centered, spiritual, open-minded people that I feel connected to in ways I haven't experienced often before - New levels and ways of self-love, self-connection, and connecting to a higher energy - Boldness to share and speak my truth - My yoga practice which keeps me feeling whole, grounded, beautiful, and happy - Dance which continues to make me feel alive, ecstatic, passionate, present, authentic, and offers me connection with others - A good job that pays me well and being a part of an organization that I believe is honest, creative, intelligent, and reporting with integrity, curiosity, and humility - New clarity on my purpose and path and what I want to spent my professional time doing; and an idea for options for what that transition can look like - Dropping fear and choosing love instead; having an open heart and open mind to new experiences - Teachers of my choosing, experiences that teach me, karmic soul connections that teach me - Starting Acroyoga, and then (let's be real) straight up Acro; pushing boundaries and accomplishing things with my body that I would have never imagined possible - The wonderful Acro community and beautiful people I have met and shared time, space, closeness, falls, and chats with - BK festival to celebrate!

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