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Updated: Apr 14, 2020

The breath is the only thing in the body that functions both completely automatically and that we have control over. Bringing our attention to the breath and adjusting it to be deeper, longer, and slower has wonderful health benefits for the body and the mind. In our culture, we have not been taught to focus on the breath and manipulate it for our best living. We tend to breath shallow and quickly only in the upper part of the chest. Deep slow breaths down into the bottom of the lungs creates better flow in the body, relaxes our nervous system, brings us into the present moment, and ultimately leads to peacefulness. Start with a small practice. Anytime you think of it, take 5 deep breaths. Many each one longer than the last. See how many times you can remember throughout the day.⠀ And, 2-5 minutes of this upon waking and right before bed are a wonderful quick self-care practice. You will feel more present, compassionate, and connected to your body in no time. ✨🙏🕉️⠀

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