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Heal Your Life® Workshop

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

December 01, 2017

Fusion of Gentle Flow and Restorative Yoga with mini Heal Your Life® Workshop

Alison Kate will begin with leading an hour of gentle yoga movement to drop out of our thinking mind and into our physical body. After participants are grounded, relaxed, and feeling peaceful in their body, Priscilla Caiza, licensed Heal Your Life® workshop leader, will guide participants to explore and discover mental hidden beliefs which are blocking progress.

Yoga Hour: The intention of the yoga practice is to connect to and integrate body and mind through movement and breath to have a deeper embodied experience. Participants will Rest, Relax, and Find Inner Calm through nurturing movements and feel good postures!

Through restorative yoga postures, gentle stretching, and supportive relaxation, you will give your body a much needed rest. You renew and refresh tired and worn muscles, soften and release tension, and allow your mind to quiet to a mellow whisper. The movement practice will reduce stress, allow you to experience peace and contentment in the present moment, and open your mind to new possibilities as we move into discussing ways to positively shift your life.

Heal Your Life® Workshop Hour: Starting with a guided meditative visualization technique to open our hearts and minds we will all do 2 awareness exercises. During the first exercise you will learn how to become aware of your limitations, negative messages and beliefs that you may be “stuck” in which are causing blocks in your life. The second exercise is one of the most effective ways to learn about your critical inner voice. Once we are aware of the type of negativity in our heads we can flip it and get the best out of ourselves. These exercises are the foundations for life transformations on your journey to truly loving yourself. We work in a safe space to learn and share. Please bring a pen and a notebook or journal.

Any questions - please contact Alison at

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