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My Main Squeeze

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Yoga is my longest long-term relationship. We have been going strong for about 10 years now. ;)

Yoga is my rock, my sanctuary, my peace, clarity, and freedom, my self-connection, my workout, my healer, my love.

When I first came to yoga about 10 years ago, I was living with a ton of anxiety and fear. Fear dictated most of my decisions, which most of the time meant a lack of action and shying away from things I only dreamed of doing.

Then I found yoga and the practice healed me - body, mind, and soul. It was a gradual shift over many years, but it works magic. The asana, the philosophy, the community, the meditation, and the self-connection brought me back to my authentic genuine self.

As a teacher, one of my greatest passions is sharing yoga with others. I love seeing miraculous transformation in others through yoga, just as I experienced.

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