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Aspects of Vinyasa Flow:


Your body feels like its flowing

through the practice so the time

is integrated and seamless.

You learn to link your breath to your

movement and harness the power

of your breath to more clearly

channel your energy and focus.

You gets lots of variety and creative


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It challenges and nurtures the

body for harmonious balance

It's a great and full-spectrum



Accessible for beginners and

challenging for more advanced 



Its fun, joyful, and healthy!

"I love working with Alison! In her yoga classes, she accurately assesses the ability of the participants and customizes the class flow to meet individuals' needs. She constructs a challenging but accessible class that makes me feel energized, strong, and balanced. Alison is excellent at genuinely getting to know her students and connect on a personal level to create a positive and powerful environment."                          

- Jenn E, Designer

Vinyasa Flow Yoga:


Vinyasa yoga consists of flowing sequential movements with special attention linking movement to the breath.  Vinyasa flow yoga is the most typical yoga people practice at studios in NYC and across the country.


The practice allows for lot of creativity and variety.  Most classes include a gentle warm up, more vigorous movement, and a cool down and stretch period.

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