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Holistic Healing

*The Way to
Heal, Evolve, and Thrive

"Alison is simply amazing. The best listener in the world and goes above and beyond. She is a true healer. I leave each session with a new gift."

- Talia S, Program Manager

Work With Me

Holistic Therapy and Trauma Release Healing


~ 2-2.5 hour in-depth healing session to clear emotional pain and somatic energy stuck in the body, rewire triggers and stressful thought patterns, and release personal, ancestral, and historic trauma.


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Biomagnetic Physical

Healing for Illness


~ 1.5 hour healing session to balance the body's pH levels, reestablish the body's optimal biochemistry, and optimize immune system function, allowing the body to heal naturally.  


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Couple's Communication &

Authentic Relating Session

~ 1.5-2 hour in-depth conversation and teaching about deepening emotional connection, increasing comfort and desire for true intimacy, and creating peaceful coexistence.

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I’m a holistic healer, a trauma processing facilitator, health and wellness advocate, life transformation mentor, and personal growth enthusiast!  I help people access their innate healing abilities and overcome physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges to live a more joyful, peaceful, and fulfilling life.


I offer energetic, physical, mental, and spiritual practices customized for your unique circumstances, needs, and goals.  My holistic approach results in clients quickly feeling more comfortable and at home in their bodies, caring for themselves more deeply, and approaching the external world in new ways that improve relationships, work, play, and overall lifestyle satisfaction.


I have been practicing these modalities for nearly 20 years and they have changed my life​.  I personally practice all of the techniques and therapies I offer clients and continue to learn, research, and explore new methods so that my work is cutting-edge, creative, and inspired.  I love what I do and am passionate about offering holistic healing to anyone who feels curious.  It's life changing for my clients when they realize they have access to understanding the root cause of any issue and that they have the power to heal in natural ways, instead of only treating or medicating the symptoms.

If you are reading this, you've landed here for a reason.  It would be my honor to assist you in realigning with your infinite potential and experiencing the incredible vibrant life you deserve!

I look forward to connecting with you soon! 

Certifications and Study


Integrative Hypnotherapy

Metaphysical Anatomy Technique (MAT)

Theta Energy Healing

RoHun Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Counselor

Biomagnetic Healing Therapist

Personal Transformation Healing

Soul Life Readings

Spiritual and Trance Healing

Embodyoga Teacher 

Reiki Healer

Past Life Regression Therapy 

The Highest Truth Technique

Inner Child Healing

Holistic Health & Life Transformation Coach

Sound Healer

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Meditation Teacher

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT / Tapping)


Bilateral Stimulation

Ayurveda Health Project

Other Experiences Include: Somatic Psychology, Neuroscience, Creative Visualization, Intuitive Development

Byron Katie's The Work, Herbalism, Authentic Relating and Circling

Umass, Bachelor of Arts, Economics and Sociology

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What Clients are Saying...

"Alison has a true gift of helping heal deep seated trauma. She made such an impact during our time that I immediately felt relief after. I can’t thank her enough for helping clear a lot of the heaviness I’ve been feeling, she is a true healer. Highly recommend!"

- Michelle L, Project Manager  

"Alison was excellent! I carried around such heaviness in my heart and my gut about things in the past, and today I can say I am a lot lighter than I was before my first session with Alison. There's even a little bit of a glow there that I haven't had for a while. A. Long. While. I would definitely recommend Alison! Do not hesitate she is fantastic! I'm sure I will see her again in the future. Thank you, Alison."       

- Penny A, Champion Mother

"I met with Alison for hypnotherapy because I was having a lot of stress and anxiety at work. I began feeling unsure of myself and my abilities. It was effecting my overall outlook. After only one session, I felt a huge weight was lifted! Everything shifted! Not only was the session itself very powerful, but Alison gave me the tools to use on my own to change my way of thinking and feeling about the situation. She is very professional while also demonstrating compassion, understanding and a sincere desire to help. I am an absolute believer in hypnotherapy and Alison has truly changed my life. I cannot recommend her highly enough!"   

- Lauren H, Attorney

"My experience with Alison has been nothing but wonderful. My initial conversation with her was so easy, almost as if I had known her for years. I felt an instant sense of trust, even though I came to her with overwhelming fear and anxiety. And now, after just one session with her, I feel light and happy. She is a truly gifted individual. Thank you!   

- Leanne R, Tech Specialist  

"Alison is an excellent healer! I came to her for breaking old and dysfunctional patterns of my reactions to others and after just the first session, I felt more confident, in control, and able to make the changes I had been struggling with for so many years. The sessions were incredibly helpful AND she gave me a bunch of quick and effective tools to practice on my own at home. After only one session, I was already reacting differently and feeling far less triggered by the comments and behaviors of other people, including those closest to me. And, after just a few sessions, I had completely eliminated feeling triggered, I was in control of my responses, and I was feeling fantastic. I highly recommend working with Alison. She has a special talent for this work and I'm very grateful to her for the changes I was able to make!"   

- Barbara G, Retired Elementary School Teacher

"I have been working with Alison for almost two years and my progress has been phenomenal. She is extremely knowledgeable and patient; takes the time to understand and always comes prepared with an engagement plan; and cares a great deal about actually helping me and not just doing a job. I almost never give public reviews but in the case of Alison I am compelled to strongly recommend her!

- Jose M, Hedge Fund Owner 

"Alison is simply wonderful. Both my experiences with her over the past 2 years have been powerful, enjoyable, and educational. She takes the time to understand your focus, context, any concerns, and customizes the session to what she believes will be the most impactful and relevant based on that. She actively listens, guides you clearly and gently, and follows up with a TON of amazing resources all, again, customized to your specific situation and needs. She's also just a very pleasant human being with lovely energy. If you're in doubt - don't be, go see her and enjoy the experience!"

- Mariya D, Designer 

"I was nervous at first, but Alison made me feel very comfortable right away. She is easy to talk to, very kind, patient and understanding. In just one session with her we got deeper to the root of my issues than I ever had in years of talk therapy. She made me feel relaxed and I was able to explore emotions that I hadn’t before. She also provided me with suggestions for after care and followed up to see how I was feeling. I felt that she truly cared and treated me on a more personal level than I have experienced before and I look forward to continuing to work with her."

- Tami S, Human Resources Manager

"Alison is amazing! Her attentiveness and intuitive ability to guide her clients through subconscious territory with ease is truly incredible. Just minutes after our session, I started to feel lighter. And continued to with every passing hour. She provides support during and after the session with a tailored-to-fit you care plan. I couldn’t recommend her services enough!"

- Ashley F, Interior Designer

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